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Let’s say that we are a newly seeded flower. It’s root grows , as time passes by. However , for a flower to grow , and than bloom , it desires to be watered. The pots are , however , locked. 

1. HEART - The heart is a hollow muscular organ that pumps blood.. Let’s just say without our heart’s beats , there is no life. If I was an anatomist , I would be giving you a lecture about that. Yeah, lucky you. From a (crappy 16 year old) writer’s view , I shall say that your heart may be beating , and pumping blood and the other useful things it does , but that doesn’t prove it’s alive. Which means , maybe we aren’t truly alive. And what sort of living would that be ? When the only way you see the world is by your eyes ? Can you eyes really tell you , which of the boys standing next to that locker in the school hallway was the one you playing hide and seek,ended up behind the tree where your first kiss happened? Because he is the one with the brightest smile when you passed beside them.  Can your eyes see the half-smile the girl you wrote poems for in the 2nd grade makes when you look at her ? And how she is trying to avoid your look. Because she knows if she catches a glance at it , she will instantly melt. Can your eyes really see what’s underneath the smile of the most popular girl in school ? Can you really see threw you best friends tears ? Can you really tell real from fake , bad from good , happy from sad ? Can you really look into someone’s soul just with you eyes ? 

2.  SECRET - We all have them. Some many, some less. Everyone has a story. And with stories, they come along the journey too. Let’s divide them into two groups. The ones we don’t want to let out. And the ones we don’t dare to let out. They are well locked in our soul. So when a person who has a key to our heart comes into our life , and puts the key in the exact right lock , the secret slips from our soul into theirs. And , abra-cadabra, they are now our keepers. However , like Franklin said , keep in mind - Three can keep a secret , if two of them are dead. Also , it’s healthy to have secrets , but sometimes they are our killers.

3. JOURNEY - Life is a one big pack of them. Happiness is a journey , not a destination. The best journeys come from heart , are never given up on , and end with your soul smiling. From them come memories.

4. MEMORY - Moments make life. Moments may end , but we can still live in them. We can still feel the love and tears of graduation night , the smell of midnight air on our first kiss , the joy of the nights we never slept..the regret and pleasure of all of the things we’ve done. Look at it as if our life was a movie , directed by no one else but us. And every cherished moment is a click away of watching again. We’re capable of that. Just by directing the remote at our heart. And these moments are the main reason for our smile at the end of a day. So , throughout life , collect moments. Things will never be that valuable. 

DREAMS - Every heart is surrounded by the so called Ocean of Dreams. The waves caress the shore of the heart and collect it’s desires. We’re all dreamers. Aware of that or not. Who says the things in our minds do not exist ? Why couldn’t a little sparrow be a mini-dragon? Why couldn’t some of the mail our well-known mailman delivers every morning be a letter to Hogwarts ? Why couldn’t that trail with a sign ”DON’T PASS” in front of it lead to Narnia ? Why aren’t you keen on looking at the starts at midnight ? Does the fact they only shine in the dark not excite you ? Don’t you realize dreams keep people from a part ? If we are in each other’s dreams , what’s stopping us from being together forever ? Does everything really need to be explained ? I think the most beautiful things that life holds do not have their definition. That will just smudge their luxury, won’t it? Dreams are beautiful. Don’t smother them by fear. For there is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve - the fear of failure. And like Dumbledore said to Harry , repeat these words also - It does not do dwell to live on dreams , and forget to live.

LIFE - When you have unlocked all of the pots , you will find yourself holding THE key. It was always with you.

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